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Custom Packaging Solutions

Customization Request
can be customized over 5000pcs per order.
Can be customized on request for factories, trading companys, and Brand distributors
Customization for unique product design, differ from the program on the market

Detailed customization
1.[Optional scheme]Schemes can be chosen from our current types of brand, and with the same brand, there are plenty of product for selection
2. [appearance customization] Mould, structure, size, width and function of products can be customized, so that it can avoid patent infringement
3.[Material customization] Under the premise of quality assurance, and with experimental data, can be customized on the basis of current material or specific material
4. [ Logo customization] Customized LOGO can be printed on the packaging box or on the labels.
5. [Packaging customization] Customisztion on the request of Chinese and English version packaging
6.[ Colors customization] Colors for packaging and products can be customized, for we own Moulding and printing equipment

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